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Cello Concerto No. 2, Opus 119: For Cello and Piano (Kalmus Edition) (English Edition) PDF Books

Cello Concerto No. 2, Opus 119: For Cello and Piano (Kalmus Edition) (English Edition)

A Cello solo with Piano Accompaniment composed by Camille Saint-Saëns.

Jottings on the History of Pembroke Dock,Pater and Pennar (English Edition) PDF Books

Jottings on the History of Pembroke Dock,Pater and Pennar (English Edition)

In late 1980 I was in the Haverfordwest Record's Office researching Pennar and writing up notes in my scrappy notebooks. A gentleman inquired “What are you researching” and asked to see what I had done. I explained that it was just for my own benefit as part of my hobby. He insisted that I should get it typed up and printed as it could save other researchers hours of work. Some of what I had done interested him and he would like a copy. I explained that it was only Jottings but he insisted that in Jotting format with a good list of contents could be very valuable. He also gave me a long talk about copyrighting and sending a copy to the British Library which I did. I could not type very well but Mrs Tucker typed it up for me (and corrected my spelling) then some copies were printed and sold for St Patrick's Church. This book contains my notes on Pembroke Dock, Pater and Pennar

In Sierra Leone (English Edition) PDF Books

In Sierra Leone (English Edition)

In 2002, as Sierra Leone prepared to announce the end of its brutal civil war, the distinguished anthropologist, poet, and novelist Michael Jackson returned to the country where he had intermittently lived and worked as an ethnographer since 1969. While his initial concern was to help his old friend Sewa Bockarie (S. B.) Marah—a prominent figure in Sierra Leonean politics—write his autobiography, Jackson’s experiences during his stay led him to create a more complex work: In Sierra Leone, a beautifully rendered mosaic integrating S. B.’s moving stories with personal reflections, ethnographic digressions, and meditations on history and violence.

Though the Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F.) ostensibly fought its war (1991–2002) against corrupt government, the people of Sierra Leone were its victims. By the time the war was over, more than fifty thousand were dead, thousands more had been maimed, and over one million were displaced. Jackson relates the stories of political leaders and ordinary people trying to salvage their lives and livelihoods in the aftermath of cataclysmic violence. Combining these with his own knowledge of African folklore, history, and politics and with S. B.’s bittersweet memories—of his family’s rich heritage, his imprisonment as a political detainee, and his position in several of Sierra Leone’s post-independence governments—Jackson has created a work of elegiac, literary, and philosophical power.

Lula, the Workers' Party and the Governability Dilemma in Brazil (Routledge Studies in Latin American Politics Book 7) (English Edition) PDF Books

Lula, the Workers' Party and the Governability Dilemma in Brazil (Routledge Studies in Latin American Politics Book 7) (English Edition)

While scholars, activists and pundits from around the world have heralded the Lula years as a breakthrough for poverty reduction and the forthcoming emergence of Brazil as a dynamic economic superpower, many of their counterparts in the country as well as a number of Brazilianists elsewhere, have expressed great disappointment.

Tracing back the trajectory of Brazilian Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores - PT), Hernán F. Gómez Bruera explores how holding national executive public office contributed decisively to a pragmatic shift away from the party’s radical redistributive and participatory platform, earning the approbation of international audiences and criticisms of domestic progressives. He explains why a unique party, which originally promoted a radical progressive agenda of socio-economic redistribution and participatory democracy, eventually adopted an orthodox economic policy, formed legislative alliances with conservative parties, altered its relationship with social movements and relegated the participatory agenda to de sidelines.

Touching on multiple dimensions, from economic policy and land reform to social policy, this book offers a distinct explanation as to why progressive parties of mass-based origin shift to the center over time and alter their relationships with their allies in civil society. Written in a clear and accessible style and featuring an enormous wealth of firsthand accounts from party leaders at all levels and within different factions, Gómez Bruera offers much needed new insights into why progressive parties alter their discourses and strategies when they occupy executive public office.

Saint François d'Assise (Bibliothèque des Histoires) PDF Books

Saint François d'Assise (Bibliothèque des Histoires)

'J'ai toujours été fasciné par le personnage de saint François d'Assise, l'un des plus impressionnants en son temps et jusqu'aujourd'hui de l'histoire médiévale. D'abord par le personnage historique qui, au cœur du tournant décisif du XIIe au XIIIe siècle, où naît un Moyen Âge moderne et dynamique, fait bouger la religion, la civilisation et la société. [...]
Mais l'homme aussi m'a fasciné, alliant simplicité et prestige, humilité et ascendant, ouverture et refus, physique ordinaire et rayonnement exceptionnel, se présentant dans une authenticité accueillante qui permet d'imaginer une approche à la fois familière et distanciée. François a été très tôt celui qui, plus que tout autre, m'a inspiré le désir d'en faire un objet d'histoire totale, exemplaire pour le passé et le présent. Ce qui m'a retenu d'écrire cette vie, c'est que j'étais absorbé par une réflexion et des travaux d'historien d'un caractère plus général et qu'en outre il existait d'excellentes biographies de François.
Ne me satisfaisant pas, aujourd'hui, d'avoir investi l'essentiel de mon entreprise biographique dans un Saint Louis très différent par son héros et par la dimension monumentale de ma tentative, je me suis résolu à publier l'ensemble des textes que j'ai consacrés à saint François.'
Jacques Le Goff.

shishiodorinohajimari (Japanese Edition) PDF Books

shishiodorinohajimari (Japanese Edition)



L'Agent des Ombres - tome 5 : Belle de Mort PDF Books

L'Agent des Ombres - tome 5 : Belle de Mort

Belle de Mort, la puissante dague sombre de Cellendhyll, se repaît du sang de ses victimes et renforce chaque jour un peu plus le lien avec son possesseur.

Alors que la guerre entre les Puissances semble sur le point d'éclater, la dague confie une mystérieuse mission à Cellendhyll : retrouver le tombeau d'Arasùl, un seigneur ténébreux disparu depuis des décennies.

De son côté, Estrée la fille du Chaos continue à mener double jeu. Mais le terrible secret qu'elle dissimule sera bientôt révélé...

Majnoun Laylâ et la mystique de l'amour (Théologie Plurielle) PDF Books

Majnoun Laylâ et la mystique de l'amour (Théologie Plurielle)

Le poète arabe Qays ibnal-Mulawwah, devenu le Fou de Laylâ par excès d'amour, a été progressivement annexé par la mystique musulmane, dans le champ arabe puis essentiellement persan, afin de figurer deux modalités particulières du rapport à Dieu : l'amour en dépit de la séparation damnante et l'union à travers ou même grâce à l'absence. Au-delà du motif de l'excès, l'identification et l'expulsion amoureuse expliquent aussi la métaphorisation en laquelle Majnoun désigne le parfait adorateur tandis que son aimée symbolise l'inaccessible divinité.

Schizophrenia (English Edition) PDF Books

Schizophrenia (English Edition)

When bright lives are derailed by schizophrenia, bewildered and anxious families struggle to help, and to cope, even as scientists search for causes and treatments that prove elusive. Painful and often misunderstood, schizophrenia profoundly affects people who have the disease and their loved ones. Here Ronald Chase, an accomplished biologist, sets out to discover the facts about the disease and better understand what happened to his older brother, Jim, who developed schizophrenia as a young adult.

Chase’s account alternates between a fiercely loyal and honest memoir and rigorous scientific exploration. He finds scientific answers to deeply personal questions about the course of his brother’s illness. He describes psychiatric practice from the 1950s—when electroconvulsive shock therapy was common and the use of antipsychotic medications was in its infancy—to the development of newer treatments in the 1990s. Current medical and scientific research increases our understanding of genetic and environmental causes of the disease.

Chase also explores the stigma of mental illness, the evolution of schizophrenia, the paradox of its persistence despite low reproduction rates in persons with the disease, and the human stories behind death statistics. With the author’s intimate knowledge of the suffering caused by this disease, Schizophrenia emphasizes research strategies, the importance of sound scientific approaches, and the challenges that remain.

Ein weites Land - Miteinander (Geschichten aus der Ferne 1) (German Edition) PDF Books

Ein weites Land - Miteinander (Geschichten aus der Ferne 1) (German Edition)

Buch 1 in der Serie - Geschichten aus der Ferne

Nach einem Jahr an der Universität gibt Dakota Holden sein Medizinstudium auf und kehrt nach Hause zurück, um die elterliche Ranch zu übernehmen und sich um seinen Vater zu kümmern, der an Multipler Sklerose erkrankt ist. Aus Pflichtgefühl erlaubt sich Dakota nur eine Woche Urlaub im Jahr. Diese verbringt er meist an exotischen Orten und gönnt sich soviel Spaß, wie er nur ertragen kann. Während seines letzten Urlaubs, einer Kreuzfahrt, schließt er mit Phillip Reardon eine Freundschaft, die bald eine wichtige Rolle in Dakotas Leben spielt.

Als Phillip beschließt, Dakotas Einladung zu einem Besuch auf der Ranch anzunehmen, ist Dakota glücklich, ihn wiederzusehen und auch seinen Freund, den Tierarzt Wally Schumacher kennenzulernen, Ungeachtet Wallys Bedürfnis, den Wölfen zu helfen, die von Dakotas Männern gejagt werden, um die Rinder zu schützen, verbindet die beiden bald viel mehr als ein starkes, beiderseitiges erotisches Interesse. Doch irgendwann wird sich entscheiden müssen, ob das Hochland von Wyoming weit genug ist für Dakotas Rinder, Wallys Wölfe und ihre Liebe.

Pinterest: A Book on Savvy Strategic Marketing of Your Business and How to Build a Following: Updated July 2015 (Home Based Business) (English Edition) PDF Books

Pinterest: A Book on Savvy Strategic Marketing of Your Business and How to Build a Following: Updated July 2015 (Home Based Business) (English Edition)


A "How To" book for using Pinterest for business and the ways to use it to build your community and followers.

Pinterest is a visual marketing tool which has taken the social media world by storm. The fact that it is easy to use, visually appealing and colorful is attracting business operators in droves. Pinterst has been expanding their services and making it easier to attract customers and for selling directly online and general marketing.

This latest update in PINTEREST explains how you can use this marketing tool to benefit your business.